Kombucha Tea

Kombucha Popularity…

If you haven’t tasted kombucha yet, you probably will soon. The sour-sweet, fizzy, fermented tea is becoming all-pervading in trendy cafes, workplaces, and health food stores across America. For many, this “stay healthy” tea replaces sodas, carbonated waters, alcohol, and other beverages that do not contribute to your health.

From Our Fermentation Cave…

While there are many choices for getting Kombucha Teas, once you taste our version, you will not even want to look at the store shelves.  Flavor is uniquely designed and timing of the fermentation process is well managed producing great tasting healthy drink for casual tasting or addition to your elegant dinner.

We are happy to offer this effervescent home brewed kombucha tea in several flavors.

For most drinks each 16 oz bottle is priced at $6.50 (plus shipping and handling when applicable).  We also offer 15% discount for a case of 12 $63.75 ($75.00).


What in the world is SCOBY…

So what in the world is the slimy, beige blob that produces summer’s hottest drink? The Blob (also known as a SCOBY): a fibrous, slippery mat of yeast and bacteria that ferments sugary tea using a “symbiotic ‘colony’ of bacteria and yeast” (SCOBY) into kombucha tea drink.

Kombucha Origins…

Though the exact date and location in which it was first brewed remains obscure, it seems clear that kombucha arose in parts of China as well as what is now Russia, where tea has been popular for thousands of years.

The most popular legend originates with Qin dynasty (221 BCE).  The emperor Qin Shi Huang is said to have sought longevity by any means available, and the Tea of Immortality was created by his alchemists.

We favor another story of the sea shore grocery store near Beijing where a shop assistant “forgot” to clean a honey jar for few days till sweet-sour smell drew the attention to it.  Amused by the carbonation and clarity, everyone tried it and loved the flavor of this Sea Treasure drink.

Fueled by growing interest in probiotics and intestinal health, in 1990’s it became a commercial success in the US.

Kombucha Health Benefits…

  • Promotes healthy bacteria in the gut
  • Supports healthy liver function
  • Improves skin health
  • Boosts metabolism and energy
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Supplies B vitamins and Vitamin C
  • Reduces sugar cravings……and more

Our Kombucha Journey…

Inspired by the natural process of fermentation, we explored brewing kombucha tea out of our curiosity.  As with many home brewed experiences, SCOBI [“IT” looked like an alien jelly fish to me] was gifted to us,  and to our surprise, we liked the finished tea drink.  Our friends loved it so much that we decided to sell it at the local wellness spa.  If you live in Minneapolis area, you can still get your kombucha tea at YANTAR Health and Wellness SPA (612-709-0091) located at AGADA Integrative Health Center.


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