Providing Renewable Energy for Mind, Body, and Spirit!

Whether your goal is achieving optimal health, managing and reducing stress, or simply living a balanced life….

Y A N T A R Health offers a variety of practical wellness tools to help you achieve your desired state of well being. We offer empowering and practical tools through group workshops, online education, or customized 1:1 coaching; so you can take charge of your health and well being.

Our programs are based on the philosophy that each person’s well-being is a matter of balance involving the physical (body), the mental (mind) and emotional (spirit) aspects.

We provide you with resources to help you assess your needs and manage your body, mind, spirituality and emotions. We gathered this information so you don’t have to. One of the biggest advantages of our program is the fact that you have a choice of exploring your very own personalized path. After using our Self-Assessment Worksheet, you will gain better understanding where you are on the path to optimal health and which areas need attention: body, mind, spirituality, or emotions.

You will find reliable and comprehensive evidence based resources offered by subject matter experts. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to find your personalized pathway, no matter what your health improvement goals are.


NUTRITION– Did you know you really are what you eat? Staying healthy begins with understanding how your food choices impact how you feel and function.

We help you discover and avoid foods that deplete your body, and learn which foods help you heal and feel better. Making mindful choices everyday will have a positive impact on your health, the environment, and people around you.

EXERCISE – Our bodies are designed to move, yet most of us lack the physical movement our bodies need to be healthy. You have the ability to help ward offf many diseases, both physically and emotionally by moving and exercising more.

We work with you to provide you with great ideas for finding ways you can add more movement and exercise into your routine and enjoy it!

 HEALTH STATUS  – Your family history, lifestyle habits, emotions, life events and environment all play a role in your health status.  Most of us are too busy to notice how all these factors play a role in our well being. Yantar offers a self-assessment tool that will help you understand which areas need your attention.

As a starting point, we recommend completing our health risk assessment survey.  The  Health Risk Assessment tool is based on methodology developed at University of Michigan and it is available for you [for download, press here].  It’s your tool to identify health areas you might want to know more about and find a way to improve. 


Your mind and body are connected in amazing ways! You truly are what you think; and can learn to identify thought patterns that might literally be making you sick. We work with you to identify negative thought patterns and find ways to strengthen your mind as well.

Discovering your life purpose is a meaningful way of using your mind to recognize your unique gifts and use them to help guide and empower you while improving your physical and emotional well being.

Emotional Health-  Your emotions impact your well being. If not understood and managed, your emotions can negatively impact your life. Your ability to recognize stress triggers and manage you responses will help you feel more relaxed and healthy.  You can sustain a healthy attitude by practicing positive thinking, self-compassion, and expressing emotions in a healthy manner.


Believe! Those that experience it have deeper sense of meaning, strong spiritual community and overall have better health, longer life, and better coping skills during life’s challenges.

Ability to believe in higher intelligence differentiates us from the rest of animal kingdom. Most of us have experienced a meaningful connection to higher intelligence at some point of our lives. Basic principle is receiving infinite support during our emotional need and evoke a sense of wonder and reverence.  Spirituality is highly personal experience and often much more than religion.

Science is finally beginning to recognize the value of faith and positive aspects of spirituality.  Those that experience it have deeper sense of meaning, strong spiritual community and overall have better health, longer life, and better coping skills during life’s challenges


“Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much”

Its easy to manage your health when you are healthy but from time to time we face health issues that with current state of health care can be very annoying and leave us with no solutions.

You have the power!  Don’t rely on doctors and medications alone.  You have options and being informed healthcare consumer is being empowered consumer.  Take charge of your own healthcare needs and build your own integrative care team.

To help you find your pathway, we need to identify what your strengths are.  What fuels your desire to change? What is your inspiration?

For this exercise, we need to answer these questions and write answers down for comparing later:

Do you take time for yourself to reflect on life?
Do you take time to meditate on what is important to you?
Can you identify your passions?
Do you feel you are contributing to those around you in satisfying way?
Do you know and live by your core values?
Do you set goals that are aligned with your overall purpose and in harmony with others?

These are not easy questions to answer if you have not done it before.  However, keep in mind that answering them will help you identify which areas of your life you wish to change.  Intent is the key component empowering you to set and reach your goals.  Your chosen path will guide your future decisions, improve your mood, shape your goals, offer a sense of direction and create meaning.

Many experts’ advice that we write our Life’s Purpose and Goals on paper, add to it images you like and hang it somewhere where you can see it every daily.

You are not alone! Our coaching online programs and e-books help you set and achieve your personalized well-being goals. Choice is yours and just making a small step to start the process of change already sets you on the right path

“Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much”

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