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Mainstream US Healthcare often approaches disease and dysfunction with drugs and medical procedures. Everywhere else in the world massage, herb remedies, nutrition, or energy flow are the first line approach to wellness and health.  Today, holistic approach is much more accepted and sought after by the informed and empowered consumers. Our vision follows that trend by offering the innovative technologies derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy.  The human body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, and the micro-current technology has proven effective in facilitating that healing for more than 30 years.


When anything is wrong with our body, traditional medical professional mostly relies on evaluating the chemistry of the body which often leaves us with unresolved health issues.

Physicists, on the other hand, understand the concept of energy fields of the human body as an “ion exchange” occurring naturally and helping maintain the chemical balance and normal functions of the body.

Each cell in human body generates electricity essential to carrying out the normal activities.  When that healthy balance is disturbed by injury or illness, electrical frequencies are altered at the molecular level. Thus goal of treating with intelligent microcurrent frequencies is to restore the natural balance.


Therapy uses mild electrical impulses duplicating electrical frequencies human body generates on its own.  This electro stimulation therapy is a relaxing, non-invasive, selectively dosed, relieving pain, accelerating injury recovery, revitalizing skin, reducing cellulite, and more.  Compared to other prevalent therapies, micro-current is painless, affordable, and reliable.

This unparalleled intelligent microcurrent technology interprets the body’s unique tissues needs, specifically applying energy to initiate self-repair.  Frequency algorithms are continuously readjusted based on the biofeedback from the targeted tissue sending back corrective sub sensory electrical impulses.  This interactive process results in:

  • Triggering the production of adenosine triphosphate ATP (cell energy) which accelerates cell repair.
  • Increasing blood flow.
  • Enhancing oxygenation of blood and lymphatic drainage.
  • Increasing synthesis of proteins collagen and elastin.


Whether you seek to improve your wellness, health, or beauty, we offer gentle and effective solutions focused on you.


Microcurrent treatments are designed for those who take their wellness seriously.  From managing stress levels to seasonal detoxification, we offer health balancing treatments that can be purchased separately or as a personalized wellness package designed just for you. We are delighted to offer you the following wellness services:

No-Needle Acupuncture. Instruments read meridian points with exactitude. No more fear of needles.

Energy Massage is a treatment designed to rapidly reduce muscle tension, spasms, and fibrosis while improving blood flow and elongating muscles to normal resting length, therefore improving range-of-motion.

Muscle sculpting/toning, repairs damaged tissues and reduces stress.  Its non-invasive, selectively dosed, lower level electro-stimulation balances cells to revitalize skin, reduce cellulite, and give deep-tissue massage therapy.

Deep Relaxation begins with a stress reduction Alpha Theta treatment.  Clients often note calming effect, relief from headache, higher ability to focus and much improved sleep quality after treatment


Whether you are rehabilitating post-surgery or just sore from a hike up the mountain, we offer affirmative steps toward faster recovery

Pain Relief –microcurrent is most often used as an extension to client’s traditional therapy such as chiropractic or physical therapies. Fast pain relief is only a part of the treatment, treating the root cause of it is equally important.  Try micro current treatment for TMJ, Back Pain, or Diabetic Neuropathy to name few conditions.

Injury Recovery– accelerates recovery by at least 50% while receiving relating treatment. Excellent choice for aesthetes whose bodies often demand performing at the peak level

Lymphatic Drainage -promotes proper functioning of the lymphatic system that is critical to our body’s ability to detoxify and maintain a healthy immune system.

Oral Health is a unique systemic treatment clearing pathways connecting teeth to the nervous system.  Effective treatment addressing issues with gums and TMJ.

Organ Detoxification– seasonal practice of maintaining healthy organs, this modality is very much in vogue these days.   An excellent way to start a weight loss program. You’ll enjoy the benefits of better health, glowing skin, better digestion, and increased energy.


Microcurrent rejuvenation therapy has become immensely popular and earned the celebrity status thanks to the fact that a large number of celebrities are using this technique for facial lifts and body contouring.

The La Fleur system is the gold standard for producing and maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance from the inside out.  Healing energy enables stimulation deep down in the pores and cells of the skin to allow for greater rejuvenation, better texture and improved tone.

The skin’s texture and tone improves, the elasticity, sagging muscles and shape of face changes, especially as the La Fleur Repairer increases transfer of fluids and promotes removal of toxins. Deep lines, wrinkles, scarring, acne, brown age spots and rosacea diminish within three to twelve treatments.  Best part: just one treatment will leave you glowing. There is no down time like with other, more invasive and expensive treatments today.


Results are seen immediately after the first treatment and are long lasting with multiple session depending on the client’s condition. The effects of microcurrent are immediate and cumulative. Clients go through a series of two to twelve treatments followed by regularly scheduled maintenance.


As a conscientious client, please consult your healthcare provider as some of the treatments may not be recommended for persons with the following conditions: Pregnancy; Metal implants or prosthesis; Heart conditions; Cancer or AIDS patients; Diabetes/Epilepsy; Allergies to metals; Systemic illness; Thrombosis or Phlebitis

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