Growing in popularity, massage therapies relieve the stress of today’s lifestyles as treatment for minor health issues or simply for relaxation. Your massage therapist will personalize your massage based on your individual needs.  We offer traditional massage therapies, micro current energy massage, and combination of both for your convenience.

Massage. As in many spas, we offer popular massage therapies varying by length of time or type of the massage. Try to add reflexology and aromatherapy for deeper relaxation.

Aromatherapy. Medicinal quality essential oils are used to achieve specific results. Oils are also absorbed into the skin through the massage. Treatments include a choice of relaxation, stress relief, sinus/allergy relief, sore muscle relief, insomnia, detoxification support, rejuvenation and customized blends. The use of essential oils may be added to any treatment.

Reflexology. This alternative therapeutic treatment is coming back in vogue. Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears that correspond to various parts of the body. The practice involves applying pressure to feet, hands, and ears utilizing specific techniques without the use of oils or lotion. You will enjoy soothing, relaxing experience with relief from migraines, sinus problems, circulatory and digestive issues.

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