Are you tired of searching for wellness program that is simple and practical?  We can help!  Our mission is to offer gathered practical wellness resources and hopefully inspire you to find your own path to healthier you.

Life can be challenging these days and many of us experience yet not understand the stresses, strains and challenges of today’s lifestyles. Whether your goal is to learn the art of being well, manage stress, experience optimal physical health, or simply live the life you want, we have a range of practical wellness tools to make that goal a reality.

Our team consists of people experienced in managed care and wellness programs who share a passion for being a source of education for you.  We designed this site and its resources, so you can find “one-stop” guidance to manage your care across all spectrum of being well.

Our programs are based on the philosophy that each person’s well-being is a matter of interconnected balance of the physical (body), the mental (mind) as well as the emotional (spirit) aspects of who we are.

We also believe that today’s healthcare system leaves us no choice but to become well informed customers  taking charge of our own health matters.

Whether it is understanding your own health risks, understanding your wellness needs, exploring treatment options, or simply taking time to renew at the local spa, the choice is ALWAYS yours. We are here to offer you

  • Empowering online resources,

  • Personalized wellness plans,

  • Group support

  • One-on-one coaching, and

  • Treatment referrals to more specialized programs.

You will find reliable and comprehensive evidence based resources offered by subject matter experts.  We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to find your personalized pathway, no matter what your health improvement goals are.



 Dr. Wayne Dyer said: “we are spiritual beings experiencing our bodies” and with that in mind, we strive to be mindful about how we take of ourselves each day.

NUTRITION– Staying healthy begins with understanding that you really are what you eat. Many teachers encourage us to see food as medications. In other words, eat what makes you feel better and avoid food that not makes you sick. Your choices make a big impact of how you feel and function.  Making mindful choices foster our own well being, have positive impact on our health, environment, and people around us.

EXERCISE – Our bodies are not meant to do in still position for longer time. We are built to move around. If we want to prevent risks of many diseases, we need to improve our physical and emotional health.  Therefore let’s keep moving aiming at living a longer and satisfying live.

Exercising at local health club is still a very good way of getting physical activity into your life.  Many of us, however, are not inspired by crowded, overpriced atmosphere and prefer to exercise in more creative, personalized way.  Some like gardening or working on house remodeling projects.  Others like to hike through local parks or gardens or take up dancing classes.  We continue to provide you with great ideas for finding you own physically active way and enjoy it.

HEALTH STATUS -Our family history, lifestyle habits, emotions, life events and environment yield to what we call health status.  Most of us are too busy to notice how all these factors play a role in our well being.  YANTARHealth offers self-assessment tool that will help you understand which areas [if any] need your attention.

As a starting point, we recommend completing health risk assessment survey.   Health Risk Assessment tool is based on methodology developed at University of Michigan and it is available for you [for download, press here].  Please note that we will not ask you to submit this information anywhere. It’s your tool to identify health areas you might want to know more about and find a way to improve. 

Its easy to manage your health when you are healthy but from time to time we face health issues that with current state of health care can be very annoying and leave us with no solutions.

You have the power!  Don’t rely on doctors and medications alone.  You have options and being informed healthcare consumer is being empowered consumer.  Take charge of your own healthcare needs and build your own integrative care team.



Learn more about your mind functions and emotional resilience.  Afterall mind does not own you and emotions can be tamed.

Searching to know your life purpose is meaningful way of recognizing your unique gifts and using them to contribute to better world.  Seeking a meaningful life and knowing the purpose nourishes our spirit and, as such improves our physical and emotional well being. We all need to know our purpose in life. It could be our professional career or something we do outside of our daily work.  Sadly, most of us are cough up in daily routines in the name of doing things that provide us with resource to pay our bills.

Searching to know your life purpose is meaningful was of recognizing your unique strengths, gift and using them to contribute to better world around us.  Improving lives of those around you could be as simple as helping friend solve a problem, play instrument for others to enjoy, or help those who are in need.

Emotional Health

If you are wondering what is emotional health and why should you learn more about it, please read on. There is much more to emotions than just managing anger, anxiety, depression, or phobias to name just a few. Emotions impact our well being as we experience daily living.  If not understood and managed they can negatively influence our health.

Ability to recognize our stress triggers and manage our responses lead to more relaxed, more fulfilling and healthier life.

Our goal is to have ability to sustain a healthy attitude in life by practicing positive thinking, meditative self-compassion, and ability to express emotions in a healthy way.



Believe! Those that experience it have deeper sense of meaning, strong spiritual community and overall have better health, longer life, and better coping skills during life’s challenges.

Ability to believe in higher intelligence differentiates us from the rest of animal kingdom. Most of us have experienced a meaningful connection to higher intelligence at some point of our lives. Basic principle is receiving infinite support during our emotional need and evoke a sense of wonder and reverence.  Spirituality is highly personal experience and often much more than choosing your religion.

Science is finally beginning to recognize the value of faith and positive aspects of spirituality.  Those that experience it have deeper sense of meaning, strong spiritual community and overall have better health, longer life, and better coping skills during life’s challenges


 next steps: Path to HEALTHIER YOU!

To help you find your pathway, we need to identify what your strengths are.  What fuels your desire to change? What is your inspiration?

For this exercise, we need to answer these questions:

  • Do you take time for yourself to reflect on life?

  • Do you take time to meditate on what is important to you?

  • Can you identify your passions?

  • Do you feel you are contributing to those around you in satisfying way?

  • Do you know and live by your core values?

  • Do you set goals that are aligned with your overall purpose and in harmony with others?

These are not easy questions to answer if you have not done it before.  However, keep in mind that answering them will help you identify which areas of your life you wish to change.  Intent is the key component empowering you to set and reach your goals.  Your chosen path will guide your future decisions, improve your mood, shape your goals, offer a sense of direction and create meaning.

Many experts’ advice that we write our Life’s Purpose and Goals on paper, add to it images you like and hang it somewhere where you can see it every daily.

You are not alone! Our coaching online programs and e-books help you set and achieve your personalized well-being goals. Choice is yours and just making a small step to start the process of change already sets you on the right path.

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