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At YANTAR Health™ & Wellness SPA, our mission is to help you restore your healthy balance by providing the resources you need to find relaxation, renewal, or rejuvenation.  Whether you seek relief from pain, faster recovery from injury, detoxification, or our spa treatments, we are here to help you achieve your being well goals. Our great team experienced therapists awaits your arrival as a new and returning client.


YANTAR Health™ & Wellness SPA is my lifelong dream of providing health and wellness resources for people. Raised in Poland, I learned a respect for European spas as a place for spiritual and physical renewal. After making USA my home, I earned my MBA degree from Marquette University and experienced extensive career in healthcare.

For over 30 years, I watched healthcare benefits becoming less and less transparent, the impact of stress on person’s health, very strong reliance on pharmaceuticals to resolve health issues, and overall emphasis on treating symptoms not the entire person. I became more passionate about creating a healing place for those who seek respite from everyday stress, effective healing treatments, or just want to explore choices to live healthier.

I am committed to inspire people to live healthier lives through making lifestyle changes, pursuing complementary healing therapies and optimizing healthy aging. At YANTAR Health™, our team is dedicated to making sure we exceed your expectations each time you visit.

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You can find us @ AGADA Integrative Health Center where, in addition to continuing to offer massage and skin care treatments we are becoming truly an extension of traditional chiropractic and physical therapies.  Getting closer to “one-stop-wellness” center.  Watch us grow!

YANTAR Health & Wellness SPA
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Why Yantar…

YANTAR: Solar stone- a symbol of happiness and health.

Yantar, often called Amber and known to mineralogists as succinite, is fossilized resin from ancient forests.  Ancient tree resins frequently trapped debris such as mosquitoes, other insects, pollen, seeds, bits of leaves & other detritus that have created fascinating pre-historic windows of the ancient past.  It’s soft and attractive hues have captivated gem & jewelry fans for hundreds of years

Sometime between 140-65 million years ago, somewhere on along the coast of what is now the Baltic Sea, drops of tree resin rolled down the trunks of gigantic, prehistoric trees. Immense rainfalls washed them down to the river. Within its waters, the resin tears traveled to shore and settled at the bottom of an ancient bay. In time the resin fossilized & as it hardened, its structure survived intact to our time in an unchanged form as the warm golden gem we call amber.

Around 1600 BC amber became treasured in ancient Greece. Homer wrote in the Odyssey about amber as one of the most precious materials.  Yantar/amber “elektron” meant derived from the Sun and since the Greeks first observed & recorded the electrostatic properties of amber, centuries later, the Greek name of amber, “elektron” became a root word for electricity.

Yantar was used for healing in many ancient cultures including Mediterranean and Slavic.  Often used in Tibetan medicine, is considered almost a panacea for all ills. Since ancient times, it is believed that yantar brings prosperity, happiness, protect from evil spirits.  Yantar, used in the treatment needs to be part of the energy cleansing.

One of the most important works on drug use amber, written in 1551, belongs to the court physician of Duke Albrecht of Prussia. It contains about 50 recipes using amber in medicine. It was believed that white amber possessed the greatest healing properties, because it contains the highest percentage of succinic acid, which is bio-stimulant. Some other sources recommended for medicinal purposes to use amber and dark green tones, and light and transparent considered the weakest.

Today, it continues to be regarded for it’s energy healing and protection properties.

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